Hey all.

There has been some concerning developments lately in terms of domain squatting. One of the other players in the drone space is NoLimitDronez (full disclosure, i do support work for them, along with other things). They recently had someone try to register a domain name to "cybersquat" on their name.

I cant, and dont want to register every applicable name i could, but in an effort to mitigate some risk, i have purchased "DankDroneDownloader.uk" and "DankDroneDownloader.com".

One advantage of this is it gives the app some more resiliency. I will not be going into details, but DDD could be a target for people *cough*DJI*cough* who dont want me sharing this stuff. Because of this, data and routing is done over multiple servers. Now having several domain names adds to this resiliency against a single "leg" falling off!

To take full advantage of this, i will be working on a new app update soon to add these URL's in, along with some other small bits too.



I thought it was about time to move the DDD website into the future a little. I grew tired of the basic 1 line webpage telling people to go to github.

This will ALWAYS be a very very simple blog style website, purely used for my musings when working on DDD and a development blog where i can discuss upcoming changes, releases and what not.